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Personal Loans

There is more than option for personal loans out there, and the more you know about personal loans the better your financial future will be.

Personal Loans

We've got some bad news for you payday advance hunters - payday loans aren't the only game in town. In fact, that payday advance game is one of the more expensive options you have for short-term, low-amount personal loans ad by giving you an overview of your various personal loans opportunity we hope you make better, more intelligent financial choices.

The many faces of personal loans

As far as personal loans go payday advances are just the tip of the iceberg. While advancing your paycheck is a very strong, very fast means to get the money you need, it is definitely not the most economically friendly, not even the fastest source of cash loans:

  • the fastest personal loans come in the guise of credit cards, those thin plastic dynamos that just keep on swiping through scanning machines everywhere. These are the truly high risk personal loans. Each transaction you make with a credit card is in itself a small personal loan, with interest and penalties and repayments demands that you must keep up with in order to use it. You can even get cash from your credit card by going to an ATM and withdrawing the amount. Yes, you will be charged a very hefty fee for that service, but you are given the luxury of a more relaxed repayment plan, unlike payday advances where your money is due in two weeks or else you will see ever increasing charges on your loan.
  • for the most affordable personal loans that come in cash form, you can go to your bank and ask them for an unsecured line of credit. This will require a relatively lengthy approvals process that might not coincide with your financial demands, and you might not even qualify based off your credit, income, or any other personal factor. Banks tend to be much more choosey about who they lend to, but the benefits of their assistance is great; their personal loans carry minimal origination fees if any and they have a very low APR. You can also take out more than with any other advance, and all your multiple withdraws will be combined into the single line of credit, which you can repay at a much more leisurely pace. Sounds complex, but these are indeed the cheapest of cheap personal loans around.

Why people choose the payday advance

The numbers of people taking out unsecured personal loans or payday advances is making the process almost quotidian. Once considered an outlandish sort of finance, payday loans have fought their way into the mainstream and have become a viable option for personal loans. Why you might ask? Because the personal loan is more affordable that a credit card cash advance and both more simple and easier to qualify for than any credit line any bank would ever offer. Payday advance providers are everywhere and growing in numbers, and the Internet has made everything about the application easier. Even bad credit personal loans are simple financial tools when you use the payday advance as your source for personal loans.

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