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Payday Loans

Payday loans - when you want cash now, payday loans can be a quick way to access the money that you need.

Payday Loans - An Unwanted Alternative

If you've needed cash and have needed it urgently, chances are you've looked into payday loans. The problem is, online payday loans always try and dance around the truth. It's tough to get an honest idea of how much these fast payday loans are going to cost you, how long you have to pay the loan off and the consequeces of a delayed repayment. Sometimes, you can't even find out exactly what payday loans are - and thats when you know you're in trouble.

The elusive world fo payday loans

As military payday loans clearly show, its a literal financial jungle out there. The number of young, financially unprepared soldiers taking out these advances is amazing, and even more surprising is the number of these soldiers falling into hazardous debt because of them:

  • payday loans target young, determined, yet finacially naieve people - peopel who are willing to do whatever it takes to make their financial ends meet yet who are unprepared to face the obligation of a fast repayment on their fast cash
  • once they take out payday loans online and struggle through a costly repayment, ususally the opnly option these soldiers have is to take out yet another advance against their paycheck and do it all over again - the wars never end, an dthe arsenal is limited to these disadvantageous loans.

Purposfully complex, dangerously underestimated, ijncreasingly available and incredibly easy applications - the ingredients are all there for financial disaster and disaster is indeed what we are seeing.

Approved for payday loans

Even if you have horrifically bad credit, payday loans are still available to you. Once you're approved for any of the various-sized payday loans, the payday loan company will use a checking or savings account - yes savings account payday loans are an option and put you at even greater financial risk. If you do not have a checking or savings account, it is recommended that you try a local payday loan store - for that in-person encounter - since online payday advance loans tend to only work with wire transfers. With your bank account, the company will deposit your loan amount into the account within a few hours. When your next payday comes around, the company will then withdraw the amount you borrowed - plus their flat-rate fee. If you are unable to pay back the loan you can generally file for an extension (roll over), which again will come with another fee, smaller, but still - a fee.

How much do payday loans cost?

This is the hardest question to find out. With some companies, an answer to this question can come at the end of the application. Generally, fees will run between $15 to $30 for every $100 of payday loans borrowed. Although this may seem like a lot of money, you must consider your alternatives. Other ways to get money, such as a cash advance check from your credit card (which many applicants do not have in the first place), do not automatically attempt to get their money back. Rather, they might charge you a percentage every month. If you forget months later to pay back your payday advances, you could be paying hundreds of dollars!

So, are payday loans a rip off?

Here lies another difficult question! Sure they are expensive and according to the FTC - payday loans are a rip off. However, if you need cash to make a bill payment or to feed your children, the $30 doesn't seem like much. For some, payday cash loans work. For you? Only you can arrive at that conclusion. Please just weigh your options and see if these types of loans can help get you to your next payday. Just please realize they come at a cost. So then, it can ultimately depend on who it is you are talking to. Have you read the guaranteed payday loans horror stories at consumer awareness sites? You should. Proceed with caution. One false step and your entire financial universe can be sent into a tailspin.

Payday loans - the addictive dangers!

Beware online advertisements for cheap payday loans! Like so many things in life, you get what you pay for and even the most affordable instant payday loans come at a high price. By taking matters to a company you aren't certain about, you may wind up paying the ultimate price. Be mindful. Cash loans can save you in desperate times, but are not something to play around with. Know your source. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Use no fax payday loans sparingly - we hear they can be as addictive as crack cocaine.

Definitive decisions about payday loans

It is up to you to make the definitive decision about your payday loan provider. Is it worth it? Do you really need to borrow the money that bad? This is a necessity, not a "want," right? You, of course, know the difference, right? Just testing you. Your payday loans experience need not be steeped in trouble. You can protect yourself and your bank account when you check out the prospective payday loans provider at consumer watchdog sites, like www.ripoffreport.com and the Better Business Bureau online site. This will be a very clear indicator of whether or not to team up with a payday advance company you are considering. If there are no complaints, that's an excellent sign. If their report reads like a lifetime convict's, you may want to move on to other payday loans providers. Make sure you get payday loan information before you sign up!

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