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Cash Loans

Cash loans come in many forms. Read through our cash loans page to decide which type will most closely honor your lifestyle wants and needs.

Cash Loans - Which Type Would You Like?

If you need cash immediately, you may have already started the process of looking into the many forms of cash loans. A major issue that consumers face is in determining which type of personal loans are the right fit for their lifestyle. Among the many vehicles for securing cash in a hurry today are payday loans and credit card cash advances. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. It can be a difficult decision - but once you figure out the features that are the most important to you in your same day cash loans, you'll know.

The In-person payday loan cash loan

Some consumers like these loans because they consider the payday cash loans to present little or no risk. Sometimes called cash advance loans (from a payday lender), they will charge a fixed rate and electronically deduct the amount borrowed on the date of your next scheduled payday. The theory is it is in this way that this loan type cannot contribute to debt accumulation. Payday loans also consider your proof of employment as a form of credit-worthiness, so you can avoid being subjected to credit checks. Expect to be approved without a credit check being run. These quick cash loans can run the gamut in fee amount - generally costing between $30 - $100 or more. Are you willing to pay the price to get this source of cash, without credit checks, in an emergency?

Credit card cash advance

If you have a credit card, chances are you may have received "convenience checks" from your creditors. These checks can be filled out to yourself to receive this type of instant cash loans. This amount will show up on your next credit card statement. Critics of these cash loans complain about the inflated interest rate. If you do not pay the amount borrowed off in your next monthly payment, you may be facing interest rates of 20%. Check it out with your individual creditors and see what their policy is. The main advantage of credit card cash loans is convenience and speed. The disadvantage is that not everyone has good credit and will not be eligible.

Online payday cash loans

Tapping into the fast cash loans online is another option consumers who are strapped for cash may have. These are similar to conventional payday cash loans - the difference is in their using your checking account as the channel to receive the cash, rather than relying on paper checks. Like their in-person counterparts, these loan fees are also expensive. Proponents like the convenience with which you can obtain cash and the fact that these loans can be obtained at any time of the day or night. These loans rely on the direct deposit capacity on your checking/saving account and can funnel the cash to your account that night so that you can access and use your cash as soon as the following day.

Avoid the chaos of predatory cash loan lenders when you take steps to protect yourself. Remember, cash loans are designed for short-term financial predicaments, not long-term financial management struggles. If you suspect you are suffering from an inability to grasp financial management principles and budgeting skills, you may want to consider outreach programs that include counsel and other forms of guidance. But if you've been hit hard by an unexpected financial crisis and don't have many options -due to a lagging credit history or for other reasons- this is when the cash loans can save you.

Cash Loans Golden Rule Number One

Do not sign on with any payday loans lenders who beat around the bush when you ask direct questions. Important questions - like, 'How much is the fee?" Indeed, you may want to think twice about trusting a cash loans provider who is ambivalent in answering this question. Come on, you need to know how much the cash loans fee will be so that you can have enough funds to cover the amount borrowed as well as the fee, come repayment day. Otherwise, the cash advance provider will attempt to withdraw the inflated amount and you will come up short. You will be charged exorbitant 'insufficient funds' fees as well as the entire cash advances fee all over again. And again.. And again. Until it's paid off - which, at that point, will be impossible.

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